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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Hosea 3

1 b That is, gaue them selues wholly to pleasures, and colde not take vp, as they that are giuen to drunkennes.

1 a Herein the Prophet representeth the perosne of God, which loued his Church before he called her, & did not withdrawe the same when she gaue her selfe to idoles.

1 ! The Jewes shalbe cast of for their idolatrie.

2 c Yet, I loued her & prayed a smale portion for her, lest she percieuing the greatnes of my loue, shulde haue abused me and not bene vnder duetie: for fiftene pieces of siluer were but half the price of a sclaue, {Exod. 21, 32}.

3 d I wil trie thee a long time as in thy widowehode whether thou wilt be mine or no.

4 e Meaning, not onely all the time of their captiuitie, but also vnto Christ,

4 f That is, they shulde nether haue pollicie nor religion, and their idoles also wherein they put their confidence, shulde be destroyed.

5 g This ment of Christs kingdome, which was promised vnto Dauid to be eternal, {Psal. 72, 38}.