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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Daniel 12

1 a The Angel here horteth two things: first that the Church shalbe in great afflictions & trouble at Christs comming, and next that God wil send his Angel to deliuer it, whome here he calleth Michael, meaning Christ, which is published by the preaching of the Gospel.

2 b Meaning all shal rise at the general resurrection, which thing he here nameth because the faithful shulde haue euer their respect to that: for in the earth there shal be no sure comfort.

3 c Who haue hept the true seade, & next, all the faithful which instruct the ignorant, and bring them to the true knowledge of God.

3 d He chiefly meaneth the ministers of Gods worde, & next, all the faithful which instruct the ignorant, and bring them to the true knowledge of God.

4 f Til the time that God hathe appointed for the ful reuelation of these things: and then many shal runne to and fro to searche the knowledge of these mysteries, which things they obteine now by the light of the Gospel.

4 e Thogh the most parte despise this prophecie, yet kepe thou it sure and esteme it as a treasure.

7 h Which was as it were a double othe & did the more confirme the thing.

7 i Meaning, a long time, a longer time, & at length a shore time: signifying that their troubles shulde haue an end.

7 k When the Church shalbe scattered & diminished in suche sorte as it shal seme to haue no power.

11 l From the time that Christ by his sacrifice shal take away the sacrifice & ceremeonies of the Law.

11 m Signifying that the time shalbe long of Christs second coming, and yet the children of God oght not to be discouraged, thogh it be differred.

12 n In this nomber he addeth a moneth and an halfe to the former nomber, signifying that it is not in man to appoint the time of Christs comming, but that they are blessed that paciently abide his appearing.

13 o The Angel warneth the Prophet paciently to abid, til the time appointed come, signifying that he shulde departe this life, and rise againe with the elect, when God had sufficiently humbled & purged his Church.