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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Daniel 4

1 a There was no trouble that might cause me to dreame, and therefore it came onely of God.

2 ! Another dreame of Nebuchadnezar, which Daniel declareth.

2 b This was another dreame besides that which he sawe of the foure empires: for Daniel bet he declared what that dreame was, and what it ment; and here he onely expoundeth the dreame.

4 c In that that de sent abroad to others whose ignorance in times past he had experimented, and left Daniel which was euer readie at hand, it declareth the nature of the vngodlie, which neuer seke to the seuantes of God, but for the very necessitis, and then they spare no flatterings.

5 d This no doute was a great grief to Daniel not onely to haue his name changed, but to be called by the name of a vile idole, which thing Nebuchadnezzar did to make him forget the true religion of God.

6 e Which also was a great grief to the Prophet to be nombred among the sorcerers & men, whose practicises were wicked and contrary to Gods worde.

7 f By the tre, is signified the dignitie of a King, whome God ordeineth to be a defence for all kinde of men, & whose state is profitable for mankinde.

10 g Meaning, the Angel of God, which nether eateth nor slepeth, but is euer ready to do Gods wil & is not infect with mans corruption but is euer holy: and in that that he commandeth to cut downe this tre, he knewe that it shulde not be cut downe by man but by God.

13 h Hereby he meaneth that Nebuchadnezzar shulde not enely for a time loose his kingdome, but be like a beast.

14 i God hathe decreed this judgement and the whole armie of heauen haue as it were subscribed vnto it, like as also thei desire the execution of his decre against all them that lift vp them selues against God.

16 k He was troubled for the great judgement of God which he sawe ordeined against the King: and so the Prophetes vsed on the one parte to denounce Gods judgements for the zeale they bare to his glorie, and on the other parte to haue compassion vpon man, and also to sconsider that they shulde be subject to Gods judgements, if he did not regarde them with pitie.

20 l Whereby he meaneth a long space, as seuen yeres. Some interprete seuen moneths, and others seuen wekes: but it semeth he ment of yeres.

22 m Not that his shape or forme was changed into a beast, but that he was ehter striken mad, & so auoided mans companie, or was cast out for his tyrannie and so wandered among the beasts, and ate herbes & grasse.

22 n Daniel sheweth the cause, why God thus punished him.

24 p Suffre the errours of thy former life to be redressed.

24 o Cease from prouking God to angre any longer by thy sinnes, that he may mitigate his punishments, if you shewe by thine vpright life that thou hast true faith & repentance.

26 q After that Daniel had declared this vision: & this his pride declareth that it is not in man to couert to God except his Spirit moue him, seing that these terrible threatnings colde not moue him to repent.

29 ! The Prophet declareth how of a proude King he shullde become as a beast.

31 ! After he confesseth the power of God and is restored to his former dignitie.

31 r When the terme of these seuen yeres was accomplished.

32 s He confesseth Gods wil to be the rule of all justice & a moste perfite Law whereby he gouerneth bothe man and Angels and deuiles, so that none oght to murmure, or aske a reason of his doings, but onely to stand content therewith and giue him the glorie.

33 t By whome it semeth that he had bene put from his kingdome before.

34 u He doeth not onely praise God for his deliuerance, but also confesseth his faute that God may onely haue the glorie & that he may be exalted & man cast downe.