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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Ezekiel 42

1 ! Of the chambers of the Temple for the Priests, and the holie things

1 Vers. 1 Hauing described the length and breadth of the Temple, he cometh to the outwarde court on the North side. T. This appeareth in the great figure. He broght me into the chambre: that is, the rowe of chambres, which were towarde the separate place Westwarde. t

2 Vers. 2. He meaneth that the North was an hundreth cubites long x y and in breadth fiftie. b X

4 Vers. 4. This gallerie appeareth in the great figure by this nombre. 12.

5 Vers. 5 These chambres were contrary facioned to them of the Temple.

8 Vers. 8. So that the wall of the chambres of the outwarde court and the wall of the inner, was ether fiftie cubites, and the whole court an hundreth.

9 Vers. 9 Vnder these chambers were entries, or dores to passe from one place to another, which are noted euer by z in the great figure.

10 Vers. 10 11. The chambres, p, of the East court M. were like to the chambers of the North court.

13 Vers. 13 Which chambers were in the East gate toward the North and South 3. and towarde the separate place or backe buylding. 4 which chambers are called holie, because thei were by the Temple.