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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Ezekiel 41

1 ! The disposicion and order of the buylding of the Temple and the other things there to belonging.

1 Vers. 1. The vpper postes or pentises, meaning the toppes of the chambers on the sides of the Temple A B. The second chambre G goeth out more then the first R. and the thirde A more then the second.

2 Vers. 2. The breadth of the entrie or gate ten cubites. C D. Fiue cubites from the Tmeple wall to the gate on ether side E C D F. the length of fourtie cubites from the Temple gate to the moste holy place 8 ??? The breadth of the Temple 20 cubites. E F. or G P He spaeketh not here of the height: therefore it is made of 30 cubites according to Salomons.

3 Vers. 3. The Angel went into the moste holy place. The poste of the entire, that is, the thresholde or thie kenes of the wall. H . The gate 6, cubites, K L The breadth on ether side the gate. 7 cubites M K & L N which make in all 20 cubites.

4 Vers. 4. The length 20 cubites, G O, so it was square.

5 Vers. 5. The first chambre was, 4 cubites. Q R The second fiue, s T, and the third six A B. There were thre hights or stages of chambers. R S A. The turning stayre can not be shewed in the figure, but maie easely be conceiued.

6 Vers 6. He declareth that whatsouer was of stone worke from the bottome to the toppe was couered with wood on the East, South & North side.

8 Vers 8. The fundacions of six cubites meaning he hie chamber was so, and the nether from thence semed so likewise by a perpendicular line or plumet, B Z.

9 Vers. 9 The chambre without was the hie chambre, and from the chambre the wall was but fiue cubites thicke B X Y: for downewarde it was six Q 6.

10 Vers. 10. The chambers on the ons side were distant from them on the ohter side 20 cubites which was the breadth of the Temple.

11 Vers. 11. The dores of the chambers on the North side opened toward the North V. & thei on the South side towarde the South R for thence was an alley of fiue cubites rounde about the Temple V Z. and was so closed with a wall, II.

12 Vers 12. The buylding, or the great place compassed with a wall of fiue cubites thicke, and was farther of the Temple then the alley, or separate place, & this is more plainly set forthe in the great figure.

12 Vers 12. The altar V, which was thre cubites high Y X & two cubites long Y Z.