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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Ezekiel 31

1 ! A comparison of the prosperitie of Pharaoh with the prosperitie of the Assyrians.

1 a Of Zedekiahs reigne or of Jeconiahs captiuitie.

2 b Meaning, that he was not like in strength to the King of the Assyrians, whome the Babylonians ouercame.

4 c Many other nation s were vnder their dominion.

4 / Or, countrey.

8 d Signifying, that there was no greater power in the worlde then his was.

10 ! He prophecieth a like destruction to them bothe.

10 / Or, thou wast lift vp.

11 e That is, of Nebuchad-nezzar, who afterward was the monarche and onelie ruler of the worlde.

12 f Hereby is signified the destruction of the power of the Assyrians by the Babylonians.

15 g The depe waters that caused him to mounte so hie (meaning his great abundance & pompe) shal now lament as thogh they were couered with sackecloth.

16 h To cause this destruction of the King of Assyria to seme more horrible, he setteth for the other Kings and princes which are dead, as thogh thei rejoyced at the fall of suche a tyrant.

18 i Meaning, that Pharaoahs power was no thing so great as his was.

18 k Read {Chap. 28,10}.