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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Ezekiel 28

1 ! The worde of God against the King of Tyrus for his pride.

2 a I am safe that none can come to hurt me, as God is in the heaven.

2 / Thogh thou set thine heart as the heart of God.

3 b Thus he speaketh by derision: for Daniel had declared notable signes of his wisdome in Babylon, when Ezekiel wrote this.

10 c Like the rest of the heathen and infideles, which are Gods enemies.

12 d He derideth the vaine opinion and confidence that the Tyrians had in their riches strength and pleasures.

13 / Or carbuncle.

14 f I did thee this honour to make thee one of the buylders of my Temple, which was when Hiram sent vnto Salomon things necessarie for the worke.

14 g To wit, among my people Israel, which shined as precious stones.

14 e He meaneth the royal state of Tyrus, which for the excellencie, and glorie thereof he compareth to the Cherubims which couered the Arke: and by this worde "anointed" he signifieth the same.

15 h Which was when I first called thee to this dignitie.

18 k That is, the honour, where unto I called them.

22 l By executing my judgements against thy wickednes.

25 ! The Lord promiseth that he wil gather together the children of Israel.

25 n He sheweth for what cause God wil assemble his Church, and preserue it stil thogh he destroy his enemies: to wit, that they shulde praise him, & giue thankes for his mercies.