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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Ezekiel 27

1 ! The Prophet bewaileth the desolation of Tyrus, shewing what were the riches, power and autoritie thereof in time past.

3 a Which seruest all the worlde with thy marchandise.

5 b This mountaine was called Hermon, but the Amorites called it Shenir, {Deu. 3, 9}.

9 d Meaning, that thei buylt the walles of the citie, which is here ment by the ship: and of theie were the buylders of Salomons Temple, {1 Kin. 5:18}.

11 e That is, thei of Cappadocia or Pigmes and dwarfs which were so called because that out of the hie towers thei semed little.

13 g By selling sclaues.

14 h Which are taken for a people of Asia minor.

15 i Meaning, vnicornes hornes, and eliphants teeth.

16 / Or, cabuncle.

16 / Or, silke.

17 / Or, turpeatine, or triacle.

21 / Or, were marchants whose marchandise passed through thine hands.

26 l That is, Nebuchad-nezzar.

28 m That is, the citties nere about thee as was Zidon, Aruad and others.

36 n Whereby is ment a long time: for it was prophecied to be destroyed but seuenty yeres, as {Isa. 23,15}