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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Ezekiel 18

2 ! He sheweth that euerie man shal beare his owne synne.

2 a The people murmured at the chastisings of the Lord & therefore vsed this prouerbe, meaning that their fathers had synned & their children were punished for their transgressions, read, {Jer. 31,29}.

6 b If he hathe not eaten of the flesh that hathe bene offred vp to idoles, to honour them thereby.

6 / Ebr. come nere.

13 c He sheweth how the sonne is punished for his fathers faute: that is, if he be wicked as his father was, and doeth not repent, he shal be punished as his father was, or els not.

21 d He joyneth the obseruation of the commandements with repentance: for none can repent in dede except he labour to kepe the Law.

21 ! To him that amendeth is saluacion promised.

22 e That is, in the frutes of his faith, which declare that God doeth accept him.

23 f He speaketh this to commend Gods mercie to poore sinners, who rather is ready to pardon, then to punish, as his long suffering declareth {Chap. 33,11.} Albeit God in his eternal counsel appointed the death and damnation of the reprobat, yet the end of his counsel was not their death only, but chiefly his owne glorie. And also because he doeth not approue sinne, therefore it is here said that he wolde haue them to turne awaie from it that thei might liue.

23 / Or, rather twas he maie returne from his waies and liue.

24 g That is, that false opinion that the hypocrites haue of their righteousnes.

24 ! Death is prophecised to the righteous, which turneth backe from the right waye.

31 i He sheweth that man can not forsake his wickednes til his heart be changed, which is onely the worke of God.