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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Ezekiel 17

3 a That is, Nebuchadnezzar, who hathe great power, riches and many countreys vnder him shal come to Jerusalem and take away Jeconiah the King, as {ver. 12}.

5 c That is, Zedekiah, who was of the Kings blood, and was left at Jerusalem, & made King instead of Jeconiah, {2 King. 24,17}, {Jer. 37,1}.

6 e That it might not haue power to rebell against Babylon, as {ver. 14}.

7 f Meaning, the king of Egypt of whome Zedekiah foght succour against Nebuchadnezzar.

8 g Thei thoght to be moistned by the waters of Nilus.

10 i By this drye wynde, he meaneth the Babylonians.

18 m Because he toke the Name of God in vaine & brake his othe which he had confirmed by giuing his hand therefore the Prophet declareth that God wilde not suffer suche periurie and infidelitie to escape punishement.

22 n This promes is made to the Church which shal be as a smale remnant & as the tope of a tre.

22 o I wil trymme it and dresse it.

23 p Bothe the Jewes & Gentils shal be gathered into it.

24 q All the worlde shal know that I haue pluct downe the proude enemies and set vp my Church which was lowe and contemned.