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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Ezekiel 12

2 a That is thei receiue not the frute of that which thei se and heare.

3 / Ebr. make thee vessels to go into captiuitie.

6 b That as you doest, so shal thei do, and therefore in thee thei shal se their owne plague and punishment.

13 d When the King shal thinke to escape by fleing, I wil take him in my net, as {Cha 17,10} & {32,3}.

16 e Which shulde beare his Name & shulde be his Churche, read {Chap. 11,16}

18 ! Another parable whereby the distres of hunger and thirst is signified.

22 f Because thei did not immediately se the prophecies accomplished, thei contemned them as thogh thei shulde neuer be fulfilled.

22 / Or, take none effect.

27 g That is, ti shal not come to passe in our daies, and therefore we care not for it: thus wicked euer abuse Gods pacience and benignitie.