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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Ezekiel 7

1 ! The end of all the land of Israel shal suddenly come.

3 a I wil punish thee as thou hast deserued for thine idolatrie.

6 b He sheweth that the judgements of God euer watch to destroy the sinners, which not withstanding he delayeth til there by no more hope of repentance.

7 c The beginning of his punishements is already come.

7 d Which was a voyce of joye, and mirth.l

10 f That is, the proude tyrant Nebuchadnezzar hathe gathered his force & is ready.

11 g This cruel enemie shalbe a sharpe scourge for their wickednes.

11 h Their owne affliction shal haue no regarde to lament for others.

12 i For the present profite.

13 n No man for all this, indeuoreth him self or taketh heart to repent for his euil life. Some read, for none shalbe strengthened in his iniquitie of his life: meaning, that thei shulde gaine nothing by flattering them selves in euil.

13 l In the yere of the Jubile, meaning, that none shulde enjoye the priuiledge of the Law, {Leui. 25,13}, for they shuld all be caryed away captiues.

13 m This vision signified, that all shulde be caryed away, and none shulde returne for the Jubile.

14 o The Israelites made a brag, but their hearts failed them.

22 r Which signifieth the Most holie place, whereinto none might enter but the hie Priest.

23 s Signifying, that they shulde be bounde, & led away captiues.

23 t That is, of sinnes that deserue death.

24 u Which was the Temple, that was diuided into thre partes, {Psal. 68,35}.