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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Lamentations 5

1 a This prayer as is thoght was made whensome of the people were caryed away captiue, others as the poorest remained, and some went into Egypt & other places for socour: albeit it semeth that the Prophet foreseing their miseries to come, thus prayed.

4 b Meaning, their extreme seruitude and bondage.

6 c We are joyned in league and amitie with them, or haue submitted our selues vnto them.

7 d As our fathers haue bene punished for thier sinnes, so we that are culpable of the same sinnes, are punished.

9 e Because of the enemie that came from the wildernes, and wolde not suffer vs to go, & seke our necessarie fode.

13 g Their sclauerie was so great, that thei were not able to abide it.

14 h There were nomore laws nor forme of commune welth.

19 k And therefore thy couenant, and mercies can neuer faile.

21 l Whereby is declared that it is not in mans power to turne to God, but is onely his worke to conuerte vs and thus God worketh un vs before we can turne to him, {Jerem. 31,18}