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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Jeremiah 52

3 a So the Lord punished sinne by sinne & gaue him vp to his rebellious heart, til he had broght the enemie vpon him away and his people.

10 ! Zedekiahs sonnes are killed before his face, and his eyes put out.

12 d In the {2 King. 25, 8} it is called the seuenth day because the fyre began then & so continued to the tenth.

12 e That is, which was his seruant as {2 King, 25, 8}.

23 i But because of the roundenes no more colde by sene but nintye and six.

24 k Which serued in the hie Priests stead, if he had any necessarie impediment.

25 l In the {2 King 25, 19} is red but of fiue: those were the most excellent and the other two, which were not so noble, are not there mentioned with them.

28 m Which was the latter end of the seuenth yere of his reigne & the beginning of the eight.

29 n In the latter end also of the yere, and the beginning of the ninetenth.

29 / Ebr. soules.

31 o That is, restored him to libertie and honour.

32 ! Jehoiachin is broght forthe of prison, and fed like a King.

34 q That is, he had allowance in the court, & thus at length he had rest & quietnes because he obeyed Jeremiah the Prophet, where as the other were cruelly ordered, that wolde not obey him.