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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Jeremiah 41

1 ! Ishmael killeth Geldaliah guilefully, and many other with him.

1 a The citie was destroied in the fourth moneth and in the seuenth moneth, and in the seuenth moneth, which conteined part of September, & part of October, was the gouernonr Gedaliah slaine.

1 b Meaning Zedekiah.

1 c Thei did eat together as familiar friends.

5 d For they thoght that the Temple had not bene destroied, & therefore came vp to the feast of Tabernacles, but hearing of the burning thereof in the way, they shewed these signes of sorowe.

6 e For his death was kept secret, & he fained that he lamented for the destruction of Jerusalem & the Temple: but after slewe them when thei semed to fauour Gedaliah.

9 f Asa fortified Mizpah for feare of the enemie, and cast dyches & trenches, {1 King. 15, 22}.

11 g Which had bene captaines vnder Zedekiah.

15 h For Baalis the King of the Ammonites was the cause of this murther.

17 i Which place Dauid of olde had giuen to Chimham the sonne of Barailai the Gileadite, {2 Sam. 19, 38}.