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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Jeremiah 40

1 ! Jeremiah hathe licence to go whether he wil.

2 a From this {seconde vers}. vnto {chap 42, 7} it semeth to be as a parenthesis and separated matter: & there this storie beginneth again, & this vision is declared what it was.

3 b God moued this infidele to speake this, to declare the great blindnes and obstinacie of the Jewes, which colde not fele that which this heathen man confessed.

4 / Or, as thy commandement.

6 ! He dwelleth with the people that remaine with Gedeliah.

6 c Which was a citie of Judah.

7 d Which were scattered abroad for feare of the Caldeans.

8 e Who was the Kings blood and after slew him, {Cha. 41, 1}

10 / Or, to receiue them, or to intreat them for you.

10 / Or, chosen to dwel in.

11 f Which were fled also for feare of the Caldeans.

14 g For vnder the colour of interteining of Ishmael he soght onely to make them to destroy one another.

16 h Thus the godlie, which thinke no harme to others, are sonest deceiued & neuer lacke such as conspire their destruction.