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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Jeremiah 35

1 ! He proposeth the obedience of the Rechabites, & therby confoundeth the pride of the Jewes.

1 a For the disposition and order of these prophecies, read, {Chap. 27, 1}.

2 b Thei came of Hobab Moses father in-law, who was no Israelite, but after joyned, with them in the seruice of God.

4 / Or, dore.

5 d The Prophet saith not, The Lord saith thus: for then thei oght to haue obeyed: but he tendeth to another end: that is, to declare their obedience to man, seing the Jewes wolde not obey God him selfe.

5 f Teaching them hereby to flee all occasion of intemperancie, ambicion and auarice, and that thei might knowe that thei were strangers in the earth, and be ready to depart at all occasions.

6 e Whome Jehu the King of Israel fauored for his zeale, {2 King 10, 15}.

10 g Which was now for the space of thre hundreth yeres from Jehu to Jehoiakim.

11 h Which declareth that thei were not so bound to their vowe, that it colde not be broken for any necessitie: for where thei were commanded to dwel in tentes, thei dwel now at Jerusalem for feare of the warres.

13 i Whome I haue chosen to be my children, seing these which were the children of an heathen man, obeied the commandment of their father.

14 k I haue most diligently exhorted & warned you bothe by my selfe & my Prophetes.

17 l That is by his Prophetes & ministers: which sheweth that it is as muche as thogh he shulde speake to vs him selfe, when he sendeth his ministers to speake in his Name.

19 m His posteritie shal continue and be in my fauour for euer.