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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Jeremiah 34

1 ! He threatneth that the cities, and the King Zedekiah shal be giuen into the hands of the King of Babylon.

1 a Who commonly of Jeremiah was called Nebuchad-nezzar.

5 c The Jewes shal lament for thee their lord & King.

5 b Not of any violent death.

8 d When the enemie was at hand, and thei sawe them selues in danger, thei wolde seme holy, & so began some kinde of reformation: but sone afer they vttered their hypocrisie.

9 e According to the Lawe, {Exod. 21, 2. deut. 15, 18}.

11 ! He rebuketh their crueltie towarde their seruants.

11 / Ebr. returned.

15 f Meaning, in the Temple, to declare that it was a most solemne & streit couenant, made in the Name of the Lord.

17 g That is, I giue the sworde libertie to destroy you.

18 h As touching this maner of solemne couenant which the Ancient vsed by passing betwene the two partes of a beast, to signifie that the transgressor of the same couenant shulde be so diuided in pieces, read {Gene 15, 10}

21 i To fight against the Egyptians, as {Chap. 37, 13}.