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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Jeremiah 33

0 n That is, Christ is our Lord God, our righteousnes, sanctification, & redemption, {1 Cor. 1, 30}.

1 ! The Prophet is monished of the Lord to pray for the deliuerance of the people. which the Lord promised.

1 a Which was in the Kings house at Jerusalem, as {Chap 32, 1}.

2 b To wit, of Jerusalem, who as he made it, so wil he preserue it, read {Isa. 37, 26}.

5 d The Jewes thinke to ouer caome the Caldeans, but thei seke their owne destruction.

5 e He sheweth that Gods fauour is cause of all prosperitie, as his angre is of all adversitie.

6 f In the middes of his threatnings God remembreth his and comforteth them.

8 g Declaring that there is no delieuerance nor joye, but where as we fele remission of sinnes.

8 ! God for giueth sinnes, for his wone glorie.

9 h Whereby he sheweth that the Church, wherein is remission of sinnes, is Gods honour & glorie, so that whosoeuer is enemies to it, laboreth to dishonour God.

11 i Which was a song appointed for the Leuites to praise God by {1 Chro. 16, 8, psal. 105, 1 Isa. 12, 4}.

13 k Meaning, that all the countrei of Judah shal be inhabited a gaine.

15 l That is, I wil sende the Messiah, wich shal come of the house of Dauid, of whome this prophecie is ment, as testifie all the Jewes, and that which is written {Chap. 23, 5}.

18 o This is chiefly ment of the spiritual sacrifice of thankes giuing, which is left to the Church in the time of Christ, who was the euerlasting Priest and the euerlasting sacrifice figured by the sacrifices of the Law.

20 ! The kingdome of Christ in the Church shal neuer be ended.

24 q Meaning, the Caldeans and other infidels which thoght God had vtterly cast of Judah and Israel or Benjamin, cecause he did correct them for a time for their amendment.