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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Jeremiah 26

2 a That is, in the place of the Temple whereunto the people resort out of all Judah to sacrifice.

2 b To the intent that they shulde pretend no ignorance, as {Act 20, 27}.

6 e So that when they wolde cursse any, thei shal say God do to thee as to Jerusalem.

6 d Read {Chap. 7,12}.

7 2 He is taken of the false Prophetes and Priestes and broght to judgement.

9 f Because of Gods promes to the Temple, {Psal. 132, 14}. that he wolde for euer remaine there, the hypocrites thoght this Temple colde neuer perish, and therefore thoght it blasphemie to speake against it. {Mat. 26,61. act. 6, 13}, not considering that this was ment of the Church, where God wil remaine foreuer.

10 g So called, because it was repaired by Jotham, {2 Kings 15, 35}.

11 / Ebr. judgements of death belongeth to this man.

12 h He bothe sheweth the cause of his doings plainely, and also threateneth them that they shulde nothing auaile, thogh they shulde put him to death, but heape greater vengeance vpon their heads.

18 i That is, of the House of the Lord: to wit, Zion, and these examples the glulie alledge to deliuer Jeremiah out of the Priests hands whose rage els wold not haue bene satisfied, but by his death.

19 k So that the citie was not destroyed, but by miracle was deliuered out of the hands of Saneherib.

22 l Here is declared the furie of tyrants, who can not abide to heare Gods worde declared, but persecute the ministers thereof, and yet in the end they preuaile nothing, but prouoke Gods judgements so much the more.

23 m As in the first Hezekiahs example is to be followed so in this other Jehoiakims act is to be abhorred: for Gods plague did light on him and his housholde.

23 ! Uriah the Prophet is killed of Jehoiakim contrarie to the wil of God.

24 n Which declareth that nothing colde haue appeased their furie if God had not moued this noble man to stand valiantly in his defence.