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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Jeremiah 25

1 ! He prophecieth that thei shalbe in captiuitie seuentie yeres.

1 a That is, in the third yere accomplished, & in the beginning of the fourth: for thogh Nebuchad-nezzar begain to reigne in the end of the thirde yere of Jehoiakins reigne, yet that yere is not here counted because it was almost expired, {Dan. 1,1}.

3 c That is, I haue spared no diligence or labour, Chap. 7, 13.

3 b Which was the fifty yere & the ninth moneth of Jehoiakims reigne.

5 d He sheweth that the Prophets wholly with one consent did labour to pul the people from those vices, which then reigned: to wit, from idolatrie, and the vaine confidence of men: for vnder these two all other were conteined. {2 King 17,13. cha 18, 11 & 35, 15, Johah. 3,1}.

9 f So the wicked and Satan him selfe are Gods seruants, because he maketh them to serue him by constreint and turneth that which thei do of malice, to his honour & glorie.

9 g As the Philistims, Ammonites, Egyptians and others.

9 e The Caldeans, & all their power.

10 h Meaning, the bread and all things that shulde serue vnto their feastes, shulde be taken away.

10 / Or, destroy.

12 ! And that after the seuentie yeres the Babylonians shulde be destroyed.

12 i This reuelacion was for the confirmacion of his prophecie, because he tolde them to the tyme, that thei shuld entre & remaine in captiuitie, {2 Chr. 36, 22, ezra 1, 1, chap. 29, 10, dani. 9, 2}.

12 k For seing the judgement began at his owne house, the enemeis must nedes be punished most grieuously, {Ezek. 9, 6 1 pet. 4, 17}.

14 ! The destruction of all nations is prophecied.

14 l That is, of the Babylonians, as {Chap. 27, 7}.

15 m Signifying the extreme afflictions that God had appointed for euerie one, as {Psal. 75, 8}, {isa. 51, 17}, and this cup, which the wicked drinke is more bitter then that which he giueth to his children, for he measureth the one by mercie, and the other by justice.

18 n For now it beginneth and shal so continue til it be accomplished.

20 o Read {Job 1, 1}

21 q Edom is here taken for the whole countrey and Vz for a part thereof.

22 r As Grecia, Italie, and the rest of those countreis.

23 s These were people of Arabia, which came of Dedan the sonne of Abraham and Keturak.

24 t For there were two contreis so named the one called plentiful, and the other baren, or desert.

33 y Thei which are slaine at the Lords appointement.

34 aWhich are moste easily broken.