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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Jeremiah 23

28 y Meaning, that it is not sufficient for Gods ministers to abstaine from lies, & to speake the worde of God: but that there be judgement in alledging it, & that it may appeare to be applied to the same purpose that it was spoken, {Ezek. 3, 17, 1 Cor. 2, 17. & 4, 2, 2 tim. 2, 15, 1 pet. 4, 11}.

30 z Which set forthe in my name that which I haue not commanded.

33 b The Prophetes called their threatenings Gods burden, which the sinners were not able to susteine: therefore the wicked in deriding the worde, wolde aske of the Prophetes, what was the burden, as thogh thei wolde say, You seke nothing els, but to lay burdens on our shulders: and thus thei rejected the worde of God, as a grieuous burden.

34 c Because this worde was broght to contempt & derision, he wil teache them another maner of speache, and wil cause this worde Burden to cease, and teache them to aske with reuerence, What saith the Lord?

36 d The thing which they mocke & contemne, shal come vpon them.

1 a Meaning, the princes, gouernours & false prophets, as {Ezek. 34,2}.

1 ! Against false Pastors.

1 b For the which I haue especial care and haue prepared good pastures for them.

2 c Whose charge is to sede the flocke, but they eat the frute thereof, {Ezek. 34, 3}

3 d Thus the Prophets euer vse to mixt the promises with the threatnings, lest the godlie shulde be to muche beaten downe, and therefore he sheweth how God wil gather his Church after this dispersion.

5 e This prophecie is of the restitution of the Church in the time of Jesus Christ, who is the true branche, read {Isa. 11, 1} & {45, 8}, {chap. 33, 15} {dani. 9,24}.

5 ! A prophecie of the great Pastor Jesus Christ.

9 g Meaning, the false prophets which deceiue the people: wherein appeareth his great loue toward his nacion, read {Chap. 14,13}.

9 / Ebr. passed ouer or troubled.

10 h They runne head long to wickednes, and seke vaine helpe.

11 i My Temple is ful of their idolatrie and superstitions.

14 l Thogh to the worlde they seme holy fathers, yet I detest them as I did these abominable cities.

14 k They which shulde haue profited by my roddes against Samaria, are become worse then they.

15 / Or, hypocrisie.

16 n Which thei haue inuented of their owne braine.

18 p Thus thei did deride Jeremiah as thogh the worde of God were not reueiled vnto him: so also spake Zedehiah to Micha, {1 King. 22, 24}.

20 q bothe that God hathe sent me, and that my wordes shal be true.

22 r He sheweth the difference between the true Prophetes and the false, betwene the hireling and the true minister.

23 s Do no I se your falsehode, howsoeuer you cloke it, and wheresoeuer you commit it?

25 t I haue a prophecie reueiled vnto me, as {Nombr. 12,6}.

27 u He sheweth that Satan raiseth vp false prophetes to bring the people from God.

28 x Let the false prophet declare that it is his wone fantasie, & not sclander my worde as thogh it were a cloke to couer his lyes.