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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Jeremiah 22

2 ! He exhorteth the King to judgement and righteousnes.

3 a This was his ordinarie maner of preaching before the Kings from Josiah vnot Zedekiah, which was about fourtie yeres.

5 b Shewing that there his none greater then he is, {Ebr. 6, 13}, and that he wil moste certeinly performe his othe.

6 c He compareth Jerusalem to Gilead, which was beyond Jorden, and the beautie of Judeah to Lebanon.

7 d The Ebrewe worde signifieth to sanctifie, because the Lord doeth dedicate to his vse & purpose suche as he prepareth to execute his worke, {Isa. 13, 3. chap. 6,4, and {12,3}.

7 e Thy buyldings made of cedre trees.

8 f As they that wonder at a thing which they thoght wolde neuer haue come so to passe, {Deut. 29,24}. {1 King. 9, 8}.

10 g Signifying that they shulde lose their King: for Jehoiachin went forth to mete Nebuchad-nezzar & yelded himself and was caryed into Babylon, {2 King. 24, 12}.

11 ! The death of Shallum the sonne of Josiah is prophecied.

11 h Whome some thinke to be Jehoiachin & that Josiah was his grand father: but as semeth, this was Jehoiakim, as {vers. 18}

15 k Meaning, Josiah, who was not giuen to ambition and superfluitie, but was content with mediocritie and did onely delite in setting forthe God's glorie & to do justice to all.

18 l For euery one shal haue ynough to lament for him self.

19 m Not honorably amongs his fathers, but as carions are cast in a hole because they stinke shulde not infect, read {2 King. 24, 9}. {Josephus Antiq. 40, 8}. writeth that the enemie slewe him in the citie & commanded him to be cast before the walles vnburyed.

20 o For this was the way out of Judeah to Assyria: whereby is ment that all helpes shulde faile: for the Caldeans haue subdued bothe them and the Egyptians.

20 n To call to the Assyrians for helpe.

22 p Bothe thy gouernours & they that shulde helpe thee, shal vanish away as wind.

23 q Thou that art buylt of the faire cedre trees of Lebanon.

24 r Who was called Jehoiachin or Jeconiah, whome he calleth here Coniah in contempt, who thoght his kingdome colde neuer departe from him, because he came of the stocke of Dauid, and therefore for the promes sake colde not be taken from his house: but he abused God's promes and therefore was justely depriued of the kingdome.

26 s He sheweth that all posteritie shalbe witnesses of this juste plague as thogh it were registred for perpetual memorie.

30 t Not that he had no children (for after he begate Salathiel in the captiuitie, {Ma. 1,12}) but that none shulde reigne after him as King.