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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Jeremiah 19

1 ! He prophecieth the destruction of Jerusalme for the contempt and despisying of the worde of God.

3 a By Kings here and in other places are ment counsellours & gouernours of the people: which he called the Ancients, {ver. 1.}

3 b Read of this phrase, {1 Sam. 1, 11}.

5 c Whereby is declared that what so euer is not commanded by Gods word touching his seruice, is against his worde.

6 d Read {Chap. 7, 31} & {2 King 23,10}. {isa. 30, 33}.

11 e This visible signe was to confirm them touching the assurance of this plague, which the Lord threatened by his Prophet.

13 f He noteth the great rage of the idolaters, which left no place fre from their abominations, insomuche as they polluted their owne houses therewith, as we se yet among the papistes.

13 g Read Deut. 22,8.