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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Jeremiah 8

1 a The enemie for ??? of gaine shal ritie your graues, and laye you before those idoles, which in your life you worshiped: to se if they can helpe you.

3 b Because of the afflictions that thei shal fele through God's judgements.

4 ! The Lord moueth the people to amendement.

6 d They are ful of hypocrisie and euerie one followeth his owne fantasie without any consideracion.

7 e He accuseth them in that that they are more ignorant of God's judgements then these birdes are of their appointed seasons to discerne the colde, and heat, as {Isa. 1, 3}

8 f The Lawe doeth not profite you, ??? it to haue bene writen for oght that you haue learned by it.

9 g They that seme wise, may be ashamed of their ignorance: for al wisdome consisteth in Gods worde.

10 ! He reprehendeth the lying doctrine & the couetousnes of the Prophetes & Priests.

14 i He speaketh in the persone of the people, who when the enemie cometh, wil runne about to hide them selues, & acknowledge that it is Gods hand.

14 k That is, hathe broght vs into extreme affliction, and thus they shal not attribute this plague to fortune, but to Gods just judgement, {Chap. 9, 15} & {23, 15}.

17 m God threateneth to send the Babylonians among them, who shal vtterly destroye them in suche sorte as by no meanes they shal escape.

20 p The people wonder that they haue so long time loked for succour in vaine.

22 r Meaning, that no mans helpe or meanes cold saue them: for in Gilead was precious balme, {Chap. 46, 11} or els deriding the vaine confidence of the people who loked for helpe at their Priests, who shulde haue bene the phisitions of their soules, & dwelt at Gilead, {Hose. 6,8}.