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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Jeremiah 7

2 ! Jeremiah is commanded to shewe vnto the people the worde of God, which trusteth in the outward seruice of the Temple.

4 a Beleue not the false Prophetes which say that for the Temples sake & the sacrifices there, the Lord wil preserue you, & so nourish you in your sinne, & vaine confidence.

7 b God sheweth on what condition he made his promes to this Temple: that they shulde be an holie people vnto him, as he wolde be as faithful God to them.

11 c As theues his in holde, and dennes thinke them selues safe, so when you are in my Temple, you think to be couered with the holines thereof, & that I can not se your wickednes, {Mat. 21,12.}

12 d Because thei depend so much on the Temple, which was for his promes, that he wolde be present, and defend them where the Arke was: he sendeth them to Gods judgements against Shilo, where the Arke had remained about 300 yeres and after was taken, the Priests slaine, & the people miserably disconfited, {1 Sam. 4, 11}, {Cha. 26, 6}

13 f He sheweth what is the onelie remedie to redresse our fautes: to suffer God to lead vs into the way, & to obey his calling, {Isa. 66, 4}.

13 e That is, I neuer ceased to warne you, as {Isa. 65,2} {prouer. 1, 23}

13 ! The euils that shal come to the Jewes for the despising of their Prophetes.

15 g I wil send you into captiuitie as I haue done Ephraim, that is, the ten tribes.

16 h To assure them that God has determined with himself to punish their wickednes, he sheweth that the prayer of the godlie can nothing auaile them, whiles they remaine in their obstinacie against God, & wil not vse the meanes that he vseth to call them to repentance, {Chap. 11,14} & {14, 11}

18 i That is, thei sacrifices to the sunne, mone & starres, which thei called the Quene of heaven, {Chap. 44,17}, {2 King. 23, 5}.

21 ! Sacrifices doeth not the Lord chiefly require of the Jewes, but that they shulde obeye his worde.

22 k Shewing that it was not his chief purpose and intent that thei shulde offer sacrifices: but that thei shuld regarde, wherefore thei were ordeined: to wit, to be joyned to the worde as seales and confirmations of remission of sins in Christ: for without the worde thei were vaine & vnprofitable.

25 l Which was about foretene hundreth yeres.

27 n Whereby he sheweth that the pastours oght not to leaue their flockes in their obstinacie: for the Lord wil vse the meanes of his seruants to make the wicked more fautie and to proue his.

29 o In signe of mourning, as {Job 1, 20} {mich. 1, 16}.

29 p Against whome he had juste occasion to powre out his wrath.

31 r But commande the contrarie, as {Le. 18, 21} & {20, 3} {deu. 18, 30}.