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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Jeremiah 6

1 b Which was a citie in Judah six miles from Bethlehem, {2 Chro. 11, 6}.

1 c Read {Nehe. 3, 14}

1 a He speaketh to them chiefly because thei shuld take heade by the example of their brethren the other halfe of their tribe, which were now carried away prisoners.

1 ! The comming of the Assyrians and Caldeans.

2 d I haue intreated her fentely & giuen her abundance of all things.

3 e She shalbe so destroied, that the shepe may be fed in her.

4 f He speaketh this in the persone of the Babylonians, which complaine that the time faileth them before thei haue broght their enterpreises to passe.

7 g He sheweth the cause why it shulde by destroyed & how it cometh of them selues.

8 h He warneth them to amend by his corrections, & to turne to him by repentance.

9 i He exhorteth the Babylonians to be diligent to searche out all & to leaue none.

10 k Thei delite to heare vayne things & to shut vp their cares to true doctrine.

11 l As the Lord had giuen him his worde to be as a fyre of his indignation to burne the wicked, {Chap. 5, 14} so he dindeleth it now when he seeth that all remedies are past.

11 m None shalbe spared.

14 n When the people began to feare Gods judgements, the false Prophetes comforted them by flatterings, shewing that God wolde send peace and warre.

16 o Wherein the patrarkes and Prophets walked, directed by the worde of God: signifying that there is no true way, but that which God prescribeth.

17 p Prophetes which shulde warne you of the dangers that were at hand.

18 q God taketh all the worlde to witnes and the insensible creatures of the ingratitude of the Jewes.

22 s From Babylon by Dan, which was North from Jerusalem.

24 t For feare of the enemie, he speaketh this in the persone of the Jewes.

27 u Meaning Jeremiah, whom God had appointed to trie out the godlie from the wicked as a founder doeth the pure mettal from the drosse.

29 x All the paine & labour that hathe bene taken with them, is lost.