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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Isaiah 54

1 b The Church in this her afliction & captiuitie shal bring forth mo children then when she was at libertie: or this may be spoken by admiration considering the great nomber that shulde come of her. Her deliuerance vnder Cyrus was as her childe hode, & therefore this was accomplished, when she came to her age, which was vnder the Gospel.

1 ! Mo of the Gentiles shal beleue the Gospel then of the Jewes.

1 a After that he hathe declared the death of Christ, he speaketh to the Church, because it shulde fele the frute of the same, & calleth her baren, because that in the captiuitie she was as a widowe without hope to haue anie children.

2 c Signifying, that for the great nomber of children, that God shulde giue her, she shulde seme to lacke roume to lodge them.

4 e When as you wast refused for they sinnes, {Chap. 50,1}.

4 d The afflictions which thou suffred at the beginning.

5 g His glorie shal shine through the whole worlde, which semed before to be shut vp in Judea.

7 ! God leaueth hes for a time, to whome afterward he sheweth mercie.

9 i As sure as the promes that I made to Noah, that the waters shulde no more ouerflowe the earth.

11 k Hereby he declareth the execellente state of the Church vnder Christ.

13 l By the hearing of his worde & inward moving of his Spirit.

14 m In stabilitie and surenes so that it shal stand for euer.

14 N And therefore shal not preuaile.

15 o Meaning, the domestical enemies of the CHurch as are the hypocrites.

16 p Signifying hereby that man can do nothing but so farre as God giueth power: for seing that all are his creatures, he must nedes gouerne and guide them.