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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Isaiah 53

1 ! Of Christ and his kingdome, whose worde fewe wil beleue.

1 a The Prophet sheweth that verie fewe shal receiue this their preaching of Christ, and of their deliuerance by him, {Joh. 12,38}, {rom 10,16}.

1 b Meaning, that none can beleue, but whose hearts God toucheth with the vertue of his holie Spirit.

2 c The beginning of Christs kinddome shalbe smale, and comtemptible in the sight of man, but it shal growe wonderfully, and florish before God.

2 d Read {Chap. 11,1}.

3 e Which was by Gods singular prouidence for the comforte of sinners, {Ebr 3, 15}.

4 f That is, the punishement due to our sinnes: for the which he hathe bothe suffred, & made satisfaction, {Mat. 8 17}, {1 pet. 2,24}

4 g We judged euil, thinking that he was punished for his owne sinnes, & not for ours.

5 h He was chastised for our reconciliation, {2 Cor. 15, 3}.

6 i Meaning, the punishement of our iniquitie, & not the faute it self.

6 ! All men are sinners.

7 k But willingly, & paciently obeyed his fathers appointement, {Mat, 26, 63}, {act 8, 32}.

8 l From the crosse, and graue after that he was condemned.

8 m Thogh he dyed for sinne, yet after his resurrection he shal liue for euer, and this his death is to restore life to his members {Rom 6,9}.

9 n God the Father deliuered him into the hands of the wicked, and to the powers of the worlde to do with him what they wolde.

10 o Christ by offring vp him self shal giue life to his Church, & so cause, them to liue with him for euer.

11 p That is, the frute & effect of his labour, which is the saluacion of his Church.

11 q Christ shal justifie by faith through his worde, where as Moses colde not justifie by the Lawe.

11 ! Christ is our righteousnes.

12 r Because he humbled him self, therefore he shalbe exalted to glorie, {Phil. 2,7}.

12 ! Ans is dead for our sinnes.