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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Isaiah 46

1 b Because thei were of golde and siluer, the Medes & Persians caryed them away.

1 ! The destruction of Babylon and of their idoles.

2 c The beasts that caryed the idoles, fel downe vnder their burden.

2 d He derideth the idoles, which had nether soule nor sense.

3 e He sheweth the difference betwene the idoles and the true God: for thei must be caryed of others, but God himself caryeth his, as {Deut. 32,11}

3 ! He calleth the Jewes to the consideracion of his workes.

4 f Seing I haue begotten you, I wil nourish and preserue you for euer.

5 g The people of God, seing their owne calamitie & the florishing estate of the Babylonians, shulde be tempted to thinke that their God was not so mightie as the idoles of their enemies: therefore he describeth the original of all the idoles, to make them to be abhorred of all men: shewing that the moste that can be spoken in their commendacion is but to put prue them vile, {Bar. 6,25}.

8 h Become wise, meaning that allo idolaters are without wit or sense, like mad men.

11 k Him by whome I haue appointed to execute tha, which I haue determined.

11 i That is, Cyrus, which shal come, as swift as a birde and fight against Babylon.

12 l Which by your indredulitie wolde let the performance of my promes.

13 m We sheweth that mans incredulitie can not abolish the promes of God, {Rom, 3.3}.