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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Isaiah 45

1 b Because Cyrus shulde execute the office of a deliuerer, God called him his anointed for a time, but after another sort then he called Daiud.

1 c To guide him in the deliuerance of my people.

1 a To assure the Jewes of their deliuerance against the great tentations that thei shulde abide, he nameth the persone and the meanes.

1 ! The deliuerance of the people by Cyrus.

3 e Not that Cyrus did knowe God to worship him aright but he had a certeine particular knowledge, as profane men may haue, of his power, & so was compelled to deliuer Gods people.

4 f Not for anie thing, that is in thee, or for thy worthines.

5 g I haue giuen thee strength, power & autoritie.

7 h I send peace and warre, prosperitie & aduersitie, as {Amos 3,6}.

8 k I haue appointed Cyrus to this vse & purpose.

8 i He comforteth the Jewes as if he wolde say, thogh when ye loke to the heauens and earth for succour, ye se nothing now but signes of Gods wrath, yet I wil cause them to bring forth moste certeine tokens of your deliuerance, & of the performance of my promes, which is ment by righteousnes.

9 l Hereby he brideleth their impaciencie, which in aduersitie & trouble murmure against God and wil not tarie his pleasure: willing that man shulde matche with his like and not contend against God.

9 M That is, it is not perfitely made.

9 ! God is just in all his workes.

11 n Instead of murmuring, humble your selues and aske what ye wil for the consolation of my children, and you shalbe sure of it, as ye are of these things which are at your commandment. Some read it wish an interrogation, and make it the application of the similitude.

13 p To wit, Cyrus, that I may shewe by him the faithfulnes of my promes in deliuering my people.

13 q Meaning frely & without ransome, or any grieuous condicion.

14 r These people were tributaries to the Persians & so King Attahshashite gaue this money towarde the buylding of the Temple, {Ezra. 7,21}.

14 s Where as to fore thei were thine enemies, thei shal now honour thee, and thou shalt rule them: which was accomplished in the time of Christ.

15 t Hereby he exhorteth the Jewes to paciencei, thogh their deliuerance be differred for a time: shewing that they shulde not repent their long pacience, but that wicked and idolaters shalbe destroied.

19 x As do the false gods, which giue vncerteine answers.

20 y All ye idolaters, which thogh you seme to haue neuer so muche worldelie dignitie, yet in Gods fight you are vile & abject.

22 z He calleth the idolaters to repentance, willing them to loke vnto him with the eye of faith.

23 a That is, that that thing, which I haue promised, shalbe faithfully performed.

23 b The knowledge of God and the true worshiping shalbe through all the world, {Rom. 14,11}, {phil. 2, 10}. whereby he signifieth that we must not onely serue God in heart, but declare the same also by outward profession.

24 c Meaning, the faithful shal fele & confesse this.

24 d All the contemners of God.