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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Isaiah 43

1 a After these threatnings he promiseth deliuerance to his Church, because he hathe regenerate them, adopted them & called them.

1 b When thou seest dangers and sonspiracies on all sides, remember this benefite and the loue of thy God, and it shal encourage thee.

1 ! The Lord comforteth his people. He promiseth deliuerance to the Jewes.

2 c By water & fyre, he meaneth all kinde of troubles and perils.

3 d I turned Saneheribs power against these countreies and made them to suffer that affliction which thou shuldeest haue done, and so were as the payment of thy ransome, {Cha. 37,9}.

4 e I wil not spare anie man rather then thou shuldest perish: for God more estemeth one of his faithful, then all the wicked in the worlde.

5 f He prophecieth of their deliuerance from the captiuitie of Babylon, and so of the calling of the vniuersal Church, alluding to that which is writen {Deut 30,3}.

7 g Meaning, that he colde not be vnmindful of them except he wolde neglect his owne Name & glorie.

9 h Signifying that no power can resist him in doing this miraculous worke, nor all their idoles are able to do the like, as {Chap. 41,22}.

9 i To proue that the things, which are spoken of them, are true.

9 k Shewing, that the malice of the wicked hindereth them in the knowledge of the trueth because thei wil not heare when God speaketh by his worde.

10 l The Prophetes and people to whome I haue giuen my Law.

10 m Meaning, specially Christ and by him, all the faithful.

14 o Thei shal crye when thei wolde escape by water, seing that the course of Euphrates is turned another way by the enemie.

16 q When the Israelites passed through Jorden, {Josh 3,17}.

16 p When he deliuered Israel from Pharaoh, {Exod. 14,22}.

17 s Pharaoh & his mightie armie.

19 t Meaning, that their deliuerance out of Babylon shulde be more famous then that from Egypt was, {Jer. 23,7}, {hag 2,10}, {2 Cor. 5,17}, {reul 21,5}

20 u Thei shal haue suche abundance of all things as they returne home, euen in the drye and baren places, that the verie beasts shal fele my benefites, & shal acknowledg them muche more men oght to be thankeful for the same.

22 x Thou hast not worshipped me as you oghtest to haue done.

22 y Because thou hast not willingly receiued that which I did commande thee, thou, thou didest grieue me. Whereby he sheweth that his mercies were the onelie cause of their deliuerance, for asmuch as thei had deserued the contrary.

24 a Ether for the composition of the swete ointement, {Exod. 30,34}, or for the swete incense, {Exod, 30,7}.

24 b Thou hast made me to beare an heauie burden by thy sinnes.

26 c If I forget anie thing that may make for thy justification, put me in remembrance & speake for thy self.

27 d Thine ancestres.

28 f That is, rejected, abhorred and destroied them in the wildernes, and at other times.