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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Isaiah 31

1 ! He curseth them that forsake God, and seke for the helpe of men.

1 a There were two specail causes, why the Israelites shulde not joyne amitie with the Egyptians: first because the Lord ahd commanded them neuer to returne thether, {Deu. 17,16} & {Deu 28,68}, lest they shulde forget the benefite of their redemption: & secondly, lest they shulde be corrupted with the supersticion & idolatrie of the Egyptians, and forsake God, {Jer. 2,18}

1 b Meaning, that thei forsake the Lord, that put their trust in worldelie things: for thei can not trust in bothe.

2 c And knoweth their craftie enterprises & wil bring all to naught.

3 d Meaning, bothe the Egyptians and the Israelites.

4 e He sheweth the Jewes, that if thei wolde put their trust in him, he is so able, that none can resist his power: and so careful ouer them, as bird ouer her yong, which euer flieth about them for their defence: which similitude the Scripture vseth in diuerse places, as {Deut. 32, 11}, {Matt. 23,37}.

6 f He toucheth their conscience that thei might earnestly fele their grieuous sinnes and so truely repent, for as muche as now thei are almost drowned and past recouerie.

7 g By these frutes your repentance shalbe knowen, {Chap. 2,18}.

9 i This was accomplished sone after when Saneheribs armie was discomfited, and he fled to his castel in Ninveh for succour.