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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Isaiah 30

1 b They seke shiftes to cloke their doings, and not godlie meanes.

1 ! He reproueth the Jewes which in their aduersitie vsed their owne counsels, and soght hele of the Egyptians.

1 a Who contrarie to their promes, take not me for their protectour, & contrarie to my commandment seke helpe at strangers.

4 c The chirf of Israel went into Egypt in ambassie to seke helpe, and abode at these cities.

6 d That is, a heauy sentence or prophecie against the beasts that carried their treasures into Egypt, by the wildernes, which was South from Judah: signifying that if the beastes shulde not be spared, the men shulde be punished muche more grieuously.

7 f And not to come to & fro to seke helpe.

8 h That it may be a witnes, against them for all posteritie.

9 i He sheweth what was the cause of their destruction & bringeth also all miserie to man: to wit, because they wolde not heare the worde of God,but delited to be flattered, and led in errour.

10 k Threaten vs not by the worde of God, nether be so rigorous, nor talke vnto vs vn the name of the Lord, as {Jer. 11,12}

12 l Meaning, in their stubbernes against God, and the admonitions of his Prophetes.

14 m Signifying, that the destruction of the wicked shalbe without recouerie.

15 n Oft times by his Prophets he put you in remembrance of this, that you shulde onely depend on him.

16 ! Therefore he sheweth what destruction shal come vpon them,

16 o We wil trust to escape by our horses.

17 p Whereas all the trees are cut downe saue two or thre to make mastes.

18 q He commendeth the great mercies of God who with pacience waiteth to call sinners to repentance.

18 r Not onely in punishing, but in vsing moderation in the same, as {Jer. 10,24}, and {Jer. 30,11}.

21 s God shal direct all thy wayes, and apporint thee how to go ether hether or thether.

22 t Ye shal cast away your idoles, which you haue made of golde, & siluer with all that belongeth vnto them, as a moste filthy thing and polluted.

22 u Shewing that there can be no true repentance except both in heart and dede we shewe our sleues enemies to idolatrie.

25 x By these diuerse manners of speache he sheweth that the felicitie of the Church shalbe so great, that none is able sufficiently to expresse it.

26 y When the Church shalbe restored, the glorie thereof shal passe seuen times the brightnes of the sunne: for by the sunne and the moone, which are two excellent creatures, he sheweth what shalbe the glorie of the children of God and the kingdome of Christ.

27 z This threatning is against the Assyrians, the chief enemies of the people of God.

28 a To driue thee to nothing: and thus God consumeth the wicked by that meanes, whereby he clenseth his.

29 b Ye shal rejoice at the destruction of your enemies, as they that sing for joye of the solemne feast which began in the euening.

32 f Against Babel: meaning the Assyrians and Babylonians.

32 e With joye & assurance of the victorie.

33 g Here it is taken for hel, where the wicked are tormented, read {2 Kings 23,10)

33 h So that their estate or degre can not exept the wicked.

33 i By these figuratiue speaches he declareth the condition of the wicked after this life.