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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Isaiah 13

1 ! The medes and Persians shal destroye Babylon.

1 a That is, the great calamitie, which was prophecied to come on Babel, as moste grieuous burden, which thei were not able to beare in these 12 Chapters following, he speaketh of the plagues, wherewith God wolde smite these strange nacions, (whome thei knew) to declare that God chaistised the Israelites as his children, & these other as his enemies: & also that if God spare not these that are ignorant, that they must not think strange, if he punished them which haue knowledge of his Law and kepe it not.

3 d Which willingly go about the worke, whereunto I appoint them, but how the wicked do this, read Chap 10,6.

3 c That is, prepared & appointed to execute my judgements.

5 e The armie of the Medes & the Persians against Babylon.

8 g The Babylonians angre, & grief shalbe so muche, that their faces shal burne as fyre.

10 h They that are ouercome, shal thinke that all the powers of heauen and earth are against them, Ezek. 32,7. Joel 3,15 Mat. 24,29.

11 i He compareth Babylon to the whole worlde, because they so estemed them selves by reason of their great empire.

11 k He noteth the principal vice whereunto they were moste giuen, as are al that abunde in welth.

12 l He noteth the great slaughter that shalbe, seing the enemie shal nether for golde, or silver spare a mans life, as vers 17.

14 m Meaning, the power of Babylon with their hired souldiers.

16 n This was not accomplished when Cyrus toke Bablyon, but after the death of Alexander the Great.

20 o Who vseth to go from countrey to countrey to finde pasture for their beasts, but there shal thei finde none.

21 p Which were either wilde beasts, or soules, or wicked spirits, where by Satan deluded man, as by the fairies, gobblins and suche like fantasies.