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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Isaiah 7

1 A To wit, the seconde time: for in the first battel Ahaz was ouercome.

1 ! Jerusalem besieged.

2 c That is, Israel, because the tribe was the greatest, {Gene. 48,19}.

2 d For feare.

3 e That is, to say, the rest shall returne: which name Isaiah gaue his sonne, to signifie, that the reste of the people shulde returne out of their captiuitie.

4 f Which haue but a little smoke and shal quickely be quenched.

6 g Which was an Israelite & as semeth, enemie to the house of Dauid.

8 h Counting from the fiue & twentieth yere of the reigne of vzziah, at what time Amos prophecied this thing and now Isaiah confirmeth that the Israelites shulde be led into perpetual captiuitie, which thing came to passe within twentie yere after that Isaiah did this message.

11 i For the confirmation of this thing, that thine enemies shalbe destroyed & thou preserved.

12 k Not to beleue Gods worde without a signe is to tempt God: but to refute a signe wien God offreth it for the aide & helpe of our infirmitie, is to rebel against him.

13 l You thinke you haue to do with men, when ye contemne Gods messengers: but it is God, against whome you bend your selves.

14 m For asmuche as thou art vnworthy, the Lord for his owne promes sake will giue signe which shalbe that Christ the Sauiour of his Church & the effect of all signes & miracles shalbe reueiled.

14 ! Christ is promised.

14 / Or, Gods with vs, which name can agre to none, but to him, that is bothe God and man.

15 n Meaning, that Christ is not onely God, but man also, because he shal be nourished as other men, vntil the age of discretion.

16 o Not meaning Christ, but anie childe: for before a childe can come to the yeres of discretion, the kings of Samaria and Syria shalbe destroied.

17 p Since the time that the twelve tribes rebelled vnder Roboam.

18 r Meaning, the Egyptians: for by reason the countrei is hote and moiste, it is ful of flies, as Assyria is ful of bees.

19 s Signifying, that no place shalbe fre from them.

20 t That is, that which is from the belly downeward: meaning, that he wolde destroy bothe greate & smale.

21 u He that before had a great nomber of cattel, shal be content with one kowe & two shepe.

22 x The nomber of men shal be so smale that a fewe beastes shalbe able to nourish all abundantly.

24 y As they that go to seke wilde beastes among the busshes.

25 z The mountaines contrarie to their wonte, shalbe tilled by suche as shal flee to them for succour.