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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Isaiah 4

1 ! The smale remnant of men after the destruction of Jerusalem.

1 a When God shal execute this vengence, there shal not be one man founde to be the head to manie women, & thei contrarie to womanly shamefastnes, shal seke vnto men, and offer them selves to anie condition.

1 b Be thou our housband, and let vs be called thy wiues.

1 c For so they thoght it to be without an head & housband.

2 d He comforteth the Church in the desolation, which shal spring vp like a bid, signifying that Gods graces shulde be as plentiful towarde the faithful, as thogh they sprang out of the earth, as{Chap. 45,8}. Some by the bud of the Lord meane Christ.

3 e He alludeth to the boke of life, whereof read {Exod. 32,32}: meaning Gods secret counsel, wherein his elect are predestinate to life euerlasting.

4 f That is, the crueltie, extorsion, auarice, and all wickednes.

4 g When things shalbe redressed, that were amisse.

5 h He alludeth to the piller of the cloude, {Exod. 13, 21}: meaning that Gods fauour & protection shulde appeare in euerie place.

5 i The faithful are called the glorie of God, because his image, and tokens of his grace shine in them.

6 k God promiseth to be the defense of his Church against all troubles and dangers.