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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Ecclesiastes 12

1 ! To thinke on God in youth and not to differe til age.

2 a Before thou come to a continual miserie: for when the cloudes remaine after the raine, mans grief is increased.

3 d The tethe.

3 b The hands, which kepe the bodie.

3 c The legs.

4 g When the chawes shal scarse open & not be able to chewe no more.

4 h He shal not be able to slepe.

4 i That is, the winde pipes, on the eares shal be deafe & not able to heare singing.

5 k To climbe hie because of their weakenes, or thei stoupe downe, as thogh they were afraid lest anie thing shulde hit them.

5 l Thei shal tremble as thei go, as thogh they were afraied.

5 m Their head shal be as whites as the blossomes of an almonde tre.

5 n thei shal be able to beare nothing.

6 r Meaning, the liuer.

6 s Which is the head.

6 o Meaning the marowe of the backe bone & the sinewes.

6 t That is, the heart, out of the which the head draweth the powers of life.

6 p The litle skine that couereth the braine, which is in colour like gold.

7 u The soule incontinently ether goeth to joy or torment, & slepeth not as the wicked imagine.

11 ! Wisdome is the gift of God and consisteth in fearing him and keping his commandements.

11 x Which are well applied by the ministers whome he calleth masters.

11 y That is, by God.

12 z These things can not be comprehended in bokes, or learned by studie, but god must instruct the heart that you maiest onely knowe that wisdome is the true felicitie, & the way thereunto is to feare God.