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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Proverbs 31

1 a That is, of Salomon, who was called Lemuel, that is, of God because God had or deined him to be King ouer Israel.

1 b The doctrine, which his mother Bathsheba taught him.

2 c By this often repition of one thing she declareth her motherlie affection.

3 d Meaning, that women are the destruction of Kings, if thei haue them.

4 e That is, the King must not giue him self to wantones & neglect his office, which is to execute judgement.

7 f For wine doeth comfort the heart, as {Psal. 104, 15}

8 g Defend their cause that are not able to helpe them selues.

10 ! And sheweth the conditions of a wife and worthy woman.

11 h He shal not nede to vse anie vnlawful meanes to gaine his liuing.

16 k She purchaseth it with the gaines of her trauaile.

25 m After that he had spoken of the apparel of the bodie, he now declareth the apparel of the spirit.

26 n Her tongue is as a boke whereby one might learne manie god things: for she deliteth to talke of the worde of God.

31 p Confesse her diligent labours and commende her therefore.

31 q For as much as the moste honorable are clad in the apparel that she made.