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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Proverbs 30

1 a Who was an excellent man in vertue and knowledge in the time of Salomon.

1 b Which were Agurs schollers or friends.

2 ! To humble our selues in consideration of Gods workes.

2 c Herein he declareth his great humilitie who wolde not attribute anie wisdome to him self, but all vnto God.

4 d Meaning, to knowe the secretes of God, as thogh he wolde saye, none.

9 f Meaning, that they that put their trust in their riches, forget God, & that by to muche wealth men haue an occasion to the same.

15 h The leach hathe two forkes in her tongue, which here he calleth her two daughters, whereby she sucketh the blood: and is neuer satiat: euen so are the couetous extorsioners insatiable.

20 k She hath her desires, & alter counterfaiteth as thogh she were an honest woman.

22 l These communely abuse the state whereunto their are called.

23 m Which is maried to her master after the death of her mastres.

28 o If man be not able to compasse these commune things by his wisdome, we can not attribute wisdome to man but folie.