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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Proverbs 19

8 b He that is vpright in judgement findeth fouour of God.

10 c The fre vse of things, are not to be permitted to him that can not vse them aright.

11 d That is, to couer it by charitie and to do theirin as maie moste serue to Gods glorie.

13 e As raine that droppeth and rotteth the house.

19 f Thogh for a time he giue place to counsel, yet sone after wil he giue place to his raging affections.

21 g Mans deuice shal not haue succes, except God gouerne it, whose purpose is vnchangeable.

22 h That is, that he be honest: for the poore man that is honest, is to be esteemed aboue the riche which is not verteous.

25 i That is, the simple and ignorant men learne, when thei se the wicked punished.

28 k Taketh a pleasure and delite therein, as gluttons & drunkardes in delicate meats and drinkes.