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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Proverbs 12

3 a They are so grounded in the fauour of God, that their rote shal prosper continually.

6 b As their conscience is vpright, so shal they be able to speake for them selues against their accusers.

9 c The poore man that is contemned, & yet liueth of his owne trauail.

10 d Is merciful, euen to the very beast that doeth him seruice.

12 e Continually imagineth meanes how to do harme to others.

13 f Meaning their heart within which is vpright, and doeth good to all.

15 g He standeth in his owne conceit, and condemneth all others in respect of him self.

18 i Which seke nothing more then to prouoke others to angre.

25 k That is, wordes of comfort, or a cheerful minde, which is declared by his wordes, rejoyceth a man, as a couetous minde killeth him.

27 m Althogh he get muche by vnlawful meanes, yet wil he not spend it vpon him self.