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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Proverbs 11

1 a Vnder this worde he condemneth all false weights, measures and deceit.

2 b When man forgetteth him self, and thinketh to be exalted aboue his vocation, then God bringeth him to confusion.

9 d A dissembler that pretendeth friendship, but is a priuie enemie.

10 e The countrey is blessed, where there is godlie men, & they oght to rejoyce, when the wicked are taken away.

14 g Where God giueth store of men of wisdome, and counsel.

15 i He that doeth not without judgement, and consideration of the circumstances put him self in danger, as {Chap. 6, 1}

17 / Or, neighbour.

21 l Thogh they make neuer so manie friends nor thinke them selues neuer so sure, yet they shal not escape.

23 m They can loke for nothing but Gods vengeance.

24 n Meaning, them that giue liberally, whome God blesseth.

24 o That is, the niggard.

25 / Ebr. the soule of blessing shalbe made fat.

26 p That prouideth for the vse of them that are in necessitie.

29 q The couetous men that spare their riches to the hinderance of their families, shal be depriued thereof miserably.

29 r For thogh the wicked be riche, yet are their but sclaues to the godlie, which are the true possessers of the giftes of God.

30 s That is, bringeth them to the knowledge of God.

31 t Shal be punished as he deserueth, as {I. Pet. 4,18}