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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Proverbs 10

1 ! In this chapter and all that followe vnto the thirtieth, the wise man exhorteth by diuers sentences, which he calleth parables, to followe vertue, and flee vice: and sheweth also what profite commeth of wisdome, & what hinderance proceadeth of foolishnes.

3 b Thogh he suffer the juste to want for a time, yet he wil send him comforte in due season.

6 c When their wickednes shalbe discouered, thei shal be as dumme, & not knowe what to say.

7 d Shal be vile and abhorred bothe of god and man contrarie to their owne expectation, which thinke to make their name immortal.

10 e He that beareth a faire countenance, & imagineth mischief in his heart, as {Chap. 6,13}

10 f For the corruption of his heart is knowen by his talke.

13 g That is, God wil finde him out to punish him.

15 h And so maketh him bolde to do euil, where as pouertie brideleth the poore from manie euil things.

21 i For they speake trueth and edifie manie by exhortations, admonition and counsel.

22 k Meaning, that all worldlie things bring care & sorow, where as they that feele the blessings of God, haue none.

26 l He is but a trouble, and grief to him that setteth him about anie busines.

27 m The times of their prosperitie shalbe shrot, because of their great fall, thogh thei seme to liue long.

30 n They enjoye in this life by faith, and hope their euerlasting life.