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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Proverbs 9

1 b That is, many chief staies and principal partes of his Church, as were the Partriarkes, Prophetes, Apostles, Pastors & Doctors.

1 a Christ hathe prepared him a Church.

1 ! Wisdome calleth all to her feast.

2 c He compareth wisdome with great princes that kepe open house for all that come.

3 d Meaning true preachers, which are not infected with mans wisdome.

4 e He that knoweth his owne ignorance and is voide of malice.

5 f By the meat and drinke, is ment the worde of God and the minsitrations of the sacraments, whereby God nourisheth his seruants in his house, which is the Church.

7 g For the wicked wil contemne him & labour to diffame him.

7 ! The scorner wil not be corrected.

8 h Meaning, them that are incorrigible, which Christ caleth dogs & swine: or he speaketh this in comparison, not that the wicked shuld not be rebuked, but he sheweth their malice, and the smale hope of profite.

10 i He sheweth what true vnderstanding is to know the wil of God in his worde, which is ment by holie things.

10 ! The feare of God.

12 k Thou shalt haue the chief profite, and comoditie thereof.

13 l By the foolish woman, some vnderstand, the wicked preachers, who conterfait the worde of God, as appeareth {vers. 16}, which were the wordes of the true prachers, as {vers. 4}; but their doctrine is but as stollen waters: meaning that they are but mens traditions, which are more pleasant to the flesh then the worde of God: and therefore they them selues boast thereof.