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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Proverbs 8

1 a Salomon declareth that man is cause of his owne perdition, and that he can pretend no ignorance, for asmuche as God calleth to all men by his worde, and by his workes to followe vertue and to flee from vice.

3 b Where the people did moste resort, and which was the place of justice.

9 c Meaning, that the worde of God is easie vnto all, that haue a desire vnto it, & which are not blinded by the prince of this worlde.

12 d That is, except a man haue wisdome, which is the true knowledge of God, he can nether be prudent nor good counseller.

13 e So that he that doeth not hate euil, feareth not God.

15 f Whereby he declareth that nonors, dignitie or riches come not of mans wisdome or industrie, but by the prouidence of God.

15 ! Power.

17 g That is, studie the worde of God diligently, and with a desire to profite.

18 h Signifying that he chiefly meaneth the spiritual treasures and heauenlie riches.

20 i For there can be no true justice or judgement, which is not directed by this wisdome.

22 k He declareth hereby the diuinitie & erternitie of this wisdome, which he magnifieth and praiseth through this boke: meaning thereby the eternal Sonne of God Jesus Christ our Sauiour, whome S. John calleth the worde that was in the beginning, {John 1, 1}

22 ! Eternitie.

27 l He declareth the eternitie of the Sonne of God, which is ment by this worde Wisdome, who was before all time and euer present with the Father.

30 m Some read a chief worker: signifying that this Wisdome, euen Christ Jesus, was equal with God his Father, and created, preserued, and stil worketh with him as {John 5,17}

31 n Whereby is declared that the worke of the creation was no peine, but a solace vnto the wisdome of God.

31 o By earth, he meaneth man, which is the worke of God in whome wisdome toke pleasure: in somuche as for mans sake the Diuine Wisdome toke mans nature, and dwelt among vs, & filled vs with vnspeakeable treasures: and this is that solace & passetime whereof is here spoken.