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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Proverbs 7

1 ! An exhortacion to wisdome and to the worde of God

2 a By this diuersitie of wordes he meaneth that nothing oght to be so dere vnto vs, as the worde of God, nor that we loke on any thing more, not minde any thing so muche.

6 b Salomon vseth this parable to declare their folie, that suffer them selues to be abused by harlotes.

6 ! Whose maners are described.

9 c He sheweth that there was almost none so impudent, but they were afraid to be sene, and also their owne consciences did accuse them, which caused them to seke the ight to couer their filthiness.

10 / Or, hid.

11 d He describeth certeine condicions, which are peculiar to harlottes.

14 e Because that in peace offrings a portion returned to them, that offred, she sheweth him that she hath meat at home to make good chere with: or else she wolde vse some cloke of holines, til she had gotten him in her snares.

14 f Which declareth that harlottes outwardly wil seme holie & religious: bothe because they may the better deceiue others, and also thinking by obseruing of ceremonies & offrings to make satisfaction for their sinnes.

22 g Which thinking he goeth to the pasture, goeth willingly to his owne destruction.

22 h Which goeth cherefully, not knowing that he shalbe chastised.

26 i Nether withot strength can deliuer them that fall into the hands of the harlot.