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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Psalm 150

1 b For his wonderful power appeareth in the firmament, which in Ebr. is called a stretching out or spreading abroad, wherein the mightie worke of God shineth.

3 c Exhorting the people onely to rejoyce in praising God, he maketh mencion of those instruments, which by Gods commandement were appointed in the olde Law, but vnder Christ the vse thereof is abolished in the Church.

6 d He sheweth that all the ordre of nature is bound to this duetie, and muche more Gods children, who oght neuer to cease to priaise him, til they be gathered into that kingdome, which he hathe prepared for his, where tey shal sing euerlasting praise.

11 ! An exhortacion to praise the Lord without cease by all maner of wayes for all his mightie, and wonderful workes.