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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Psalm 111

1 a The Prophet declareth that he wil praise God bothe priuatly & openly, & that from the heart, as he that consecrateth himselfe wholly & onely vnto God.

1 ! He giueth thankes tothe Lord for his merciful workes toward his Church,

2 b He sheweth that Gods workes are a sufficient cause, wherefore we shulde praise him, but chiefly his benefites toward his Church.

5 c God hathe giuen to his people all that was necessarie for them, & wil do stil euen for his couenants sake and in this sense the Ebrew worde is taken, {Prou 30,8 & 31, 15}.

7 d As God promised to take the care of his Church: so in effect doeth he declare him selfe just and true in the gouernement of the same.

10 ! And declareth wherein true wisdome and right knowledge consisteth.

10 e Thei onely are wise, that feare God, and none haue vnderstanding, but thei that obey his worde.

10 f To wit, his commandements, as {vers. 7}