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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Psalm 110

1 ! Dauid prophecieth of the power and euerlasting kingdome giuen to Christ.

1 a Jesus Christ in the two & twentie of Matt. giueth the interpretacion hereof, & sheweth that this can not properly be applied vnto Dauid but to him self.

2 b And thence it shal stretch through all the worlde: & this power chiefly standeth in the preaching of his worde.

3 c By thy worde thy people shalbe assembled into thy Church, whose increase shalbe so abundant & wonderful, as the drops of the dewe.

4 d As Melchizedek the figure of Christ was bothe King & Priest: so the effect can not be accomplished in anie King, saue onely Christ, {2 Chro. 26,21}

4 ! And of his Priesthode, which shulde put an end to the Priesthode of Leui.

7 f Vnder this similitude of a captaine, that is so gredie to destroie his enemies that he wil not ??? drinke by the waie, he sheweth how God wil destroy his enemies.